Compensation Plan

We have ELIMINATED "MOSTLY" ALL THE RISK! Any business venture that you consider, will have an element of risk involved and PayMeForward (PMF) is no different.
What we have done is to have an admin fee per product level of only $10 one time. We've made it so low to keep and maximize commission for you.
Get one sale who finds one sale or one sale from above who is placed below you who finds one sale and you get paid and have your money back.
It's that simple.
Please take a look at the compensation plan for details.
Each member can fill their 6 person business center in a few ways.

  • Personal Sales
    *Entry level is the $10 level but let's assume you are at the $200 level for this example. If you introduce people and they purchase, you will obviously accelerate your earnings. If you introduce one person which would be spot 1. Spot #1 makes a sale by introducing one person which would be spot 3, you would earn $200 from the person landing in spot #3.

  • Spill Over
    As positions are filled, the tracking system will search for the first open position. If the position above you makes a sale and their one and two positions are filled (you benig one of them), they can possibly overflow and be placed in an open position below you which will count as one of the filled positions. If they bring in someone into spot #5 the you make $200 through no effort of your own.

  • Team Sales
    As your first level of two fills, you or your first two members can bring in sales to “assist” in filling positions. Some use the "Pay It Forward" concept as a "Team System". This is of course, a choice that each member makes. We call it the Golden Rule.

  • Follow Your Sponsor
    As your matrix fills, you will follow your sponsor and fill one of their open spots. In this case spot #1. The same happens with your personal sales. They will follow you into your new matrix. They follow you thus causing you to cycle again. In this case spot 3 and 4. If a sponsor is not at the level you are, you will roll up until the next active person is found.

    Pay Me Forward has 8 product levels

    1. Everyone starts with a $10 purchase plus a $5 one-time license fee. This is done to provide an entry to as many people as possible to meet their goals, whatever they may be and so people of all economic situations can participate.
    2. Once your business center fills with 6 sales, you can re-enter back into the $10 business center by purchasing another product ticket package. You can also upgrade to the next higher product package at any time once you have been marked as paid at the current level. You do NOT have to wait to cycle with 6 people before you can *upgrade. *Upgrading is optional but most will do both to leverage themselves and make more money. You can then upgrade to the $25 level. All levels from the $25 an onward require a one time $10 license fee.
    3. Once at the $50 level, each person that lands on your 3, 4, 5 or 6 position and will then be instructed to send you $50 to purchase the products totaling $200! Once you get paid, you mark the payment as received.
    4. The same process applies at the $100, $200, $400, $800 and $1,600 levels. You will also "recycle" by re-enter each level once you cycle. This is automatic and requires nothing to be done on your part other than making a new payment each time you recycle.
    5. Imagine earning $1,600 for each of the 4 sales positions at the $1,600 level totaling $6,400 and the process happens over and over.
    6. Once you have funded all 8 entry levels by purchasing products ($10, $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800, $1,600), you are then cycling and re-cycling on all seven product levels to infinity.
    7. Now that's all starting for under $15 bucks. You are not going to find that kind of return on your efforts anywhere else.

    • PayMeForward Testimonials

    • PMF is the best business opportunity I have been a part of.  With all of the help from other members, we are growing as a unit and that's what I love about PMF.  We have one of the best comp plans around.
      Sharmine Bennett

    • Pay Me Forward is the Best Program of the year.  Our Pay It Forward feature allows for everyone to have a fair chance at earning very serious income online.
      Bryan Ellis